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What do I use this form for?

  • Want an exact quote now?
  • Want the best price & quality service?
  • Are you price shopping?

Filling out this form takes only five minutes and is therefore ten times faster than calling. It also supplies us with the essential information that helps us serve you faster and more accurately.


Why is this form important?

By filling out this form and taking pictures of your space, you are able to provide us with the information we need to give you an accurate estimate while saving you a significant amount of time. This simple process allows you to avoid a thirty to forty-five minute phone call with us in which you explain the details of your project, and it also eliminates the need for an initial on-site inspection and consultation from us that could take up to two days for us to schedule and conduct. With pictures of your floor and this form, we can be much more efficient in supplying you with a project estimate, even if the form is only 80% complete or if you are unsure about some of the items.

As flooring removal and preparation experts, we have created this form to answer the questions that are most typically asked about a project. We have also included some questions that reveal more specific insight into what we do at Floor Gone.

How do we do this?

Once we have received your answers, we will call you to discuss your project, address your concerns, and provide exact pricing on which you can rely. This method eliminates any surprises and ensures accuracy. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the efforts of other companies and contractors in our industry, as we know that some companies are not as attentive to the details and may be in the habit of asking for additional payments later on in the project as a result of having overlooked certain questions or items in the beginning.

In order to serve our clients more honestly and more efficiently, Floor Gone always generates a custom project plan that fits your goals even if your budget is limited. Our promise is to provide the best price that is tailored to meet your needs with no surprises and unmatched quality service.

Please upload pictures:

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Time frame

Project Details

We can help answer these if you don’t know the answer at the moment. Please provide answers to any that you do and a representative will call to help explain the process.


• Most homeowners keep their existing baseboard unless they plan on replacing it. If you’re keeping your baseboard, we remove the tile up to the baseboard. The installer installs the new flooring flush with the baseboard and installs quarter round as a trim piece to cover the transition.

• If you plan to replace your baseboards or do not want quarter round, we can remove it for you and remove the flooring flush to the wall.


• If they are being replaced, it’s better that they are removed so we can remove any flooring under them.
• Do the cabinet toe kicks need to be removed? – In most cases we remove them but particleboard and old thin/cracked toe kicks can fall apart during the process. Common toe kicks are inexpensive and easy to replace by the installer or on your own.


Most homeowners need the toilets so we generally remove flooring right up to the base & the installer removes the remaining 3 inches around the base.


Most dishwashers will not slide out far enough without the water line being disconnected. We ask the homeowner do this if possible only because we are not licensed plumbers. We can take the flooring behind the kick plate if it helps.

Post-Removal Finalization

This section's information helps us provide the right floor removal and preparation package for your specific project. Example: You will need a flatter floor and for all the glue or thin set to be removed if you plan to install glue down hardwood/laminate or tile planks. If you plan to go with a floating floor (not glued down-sits on a pad), you will not need complete glue removal or floor flattening.

Our equipment removes all the thin set under your tile and can flatten out high spots. This saves time and money on the installation floor preparation.

Quick Note:

If you are loading pictures in this form, please allow ample time for the form to go through as pictures can take a few minutes to upload. This form has a 10MB limit on file uploads. If you cannot get pictures to go through, please email them to