About us

Floor Gone ultimate goal is always to meet or exceed the expectations of all our clients and we love it when our clients give us a great review for our quality work. 


So, who is Floor Gone? We are a Dustless Floor Removal and Floor Preparation Company located in Tucson Arizona. 

We are professional Floor Covering Contractors certified in just about everything flooring. Our knowledge about flooring removal and preparation is extensive. 

Our focus and motivation combined with experience and high standards are the  qualities that have allowed us to organically stand out as a leader in our industry.


Floor Gone will always look for ways to stay ahead of the competition by being educated on the best and latest equipment and processes in the flooring business

We Know what we are doing

We are skilled and proficient in operating all kinds of unique flooring tools, such as:

  • Superior technology power supply units
  • Dustless Equipment
  • Special floor removal tools
  • Dust collection vacuums
  • Floor sanders and grinders
  • Riding floor scrapers

This company was started from an idea based on delivering superior quality and customer service to all our clients regardless of the size of the project, everyone gets the same high quality. Getting certified and becoming an expert on everything flooring is a testament to our commitment as we want to be the best for our clients. We use the most advanced equipment and tools that help us deliver excellence. Additionally, we have the highest level of work ethic and never take short cuts.

Certified contractor

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